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Heh, it’s been a minute since chapter 0!

I would like to say thank you to everyone who has been so kind and encouraging. Been there for me in both smaller and bigger ways. Listened to my worries about this whole comic thing, or just been patient with my inconsistent progress updates. I appreciate all of you. Thank you.

Chapter 1 was pretty long and took me about 3 months to make. I anticipate chapter 2 taking about as long, if not few weeks longer. I’m still trying to get used to all the techniques I’m using, and balancing irl work with comic work. There are a lot of changes happening in my personal life. So depending on how those go, I might need to take some time off to deal with those first. But we’ll see what the future holds and how things go.

Once again, thank you. <3
Starry Sky / Elias

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