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Vanah Owenson

A 19-year old blondie, with an interest in science and magic. Thus far not great friends with sources of fire. Brother of Novah

Novah Owenson

A 19-year old man of glamour. Works part time at night. Twins with Vanah

Sebastian Viulunrakentaja

A 20-year old stuttering gentleman. Afraid of creatures called “shadows”. Works for a woman called Elviira.


Girl rummaging through the woods after selling her house. Last seen hiding from shadows in a watch tower. Seems to manifest healing magic.

Sophie Birch

Young quiet woman working for a man named Michal. Practices dancing in the middle of the forest. Seems to manifest magic.

Michal Petronius

Scientist with strange capabilities. Tells his experiments sometimes make people sickly. Seems to manifest strong magical abilities and knowledge over using crystals in combination with his own magic.

Isla Iswenström

A stay-at-home mother of three in the Owenson family.

Owen Iswenström

Quiet father and name of the Owenson family. Works on a community farm land.

Lila Owenson

A timid first-grader and a little sister of the twins.

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