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For new readers

Before reading this comic, I would ask you to heed my warning.

This comic could be difficult for some readers, in terms of subject matter and imagery.

If you feel it difficult or uncomfortable engaging with fiction or non-fiction that deals with or shows: graphic violence, gore, substance use or substance abuse, mental illness, medical equipment (such as hypodermic needles), profanity, characters talking about sex and sexuality, etc…

… I would ask you to prioritize your own well being over reading this comic.

Every chapter starts with a content warning page, that – if needed – briefly goes over potentially triggering material. For an example “this chapter has scenes depicting school bullying”. Thus you the reader, can judge yourself whether or no you want to read a chapter.

For a horror comic, graphic violence and gore could be expected. But since the comic’s tone switches between lighthearted, slapstick, emotional and horror – sometimes very quickly and drastically -, I thought it should be addressed beforehand.

In similar vein, at times the comic has scenes with explicit imagery or conversations of mental illness, unhealthy behaviors, varyingly healthy coping mechanisms and prejudice.

This comic doesn’t have an age gate. But based on Finnish film classifications and PEGI ratings, the comic’s content lands towards +18.

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